Retrieving publication IDs

Every top-level publication in Crossref is assigned a unique publication ID. Publication IDs are mainly used for internal purposes, but may be useful when retrieving data using OAI-PMH, or identifying a specific title. For most purposes, publication IDs are always preceded by the publication type (J, B, or S). B indicates non-journal publications including books, conference proceedings, standards, reports, dissertations, posted content, and datasets.

Publication IDs may be retrieved via the following:

  • OAI-PMH: an OAI-PMH ListSets request will return titles and publication IDs for journals, books, conference proceedings, and series-level data:

J (journal) is the default set, set=B must be specified to retrieve book or conference proceeding titles, and S for series-level titles. Sets may be further limited by member prefix

  • The publication ID is listed within the <setspec> element, after the set and member prefix. For example, within the following set, 24 is the publication ID for Journal of Clinical Psychology:
<setName>Journal of Clinical Psychology</setName>
  • Browsable title list: this list includes the publication ID next to each title in the search results. Click id icon to reveal the ID
  • UNIXSD metadata: the UNIXSD output format includes the journal-id (J) or book-id (B).

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