Introduction to books and chapters

Why register books and chapters

Registration of books and chapters maximizes reference linking between books and other record types including journals and conference proceedings, and ensures that we collect and distribute persistent identifiers and authoritative metadata for online books. There are seven benefits for our members to register book- and chapter-level metadata:

  1. increased discoverability
  2. increased usage
  3. matching author expectations
  4. author exposure
  5. usage and citations reporting
  6. supporting authors with funding compliance and reporting
  7. understanding the hot topics within your books

You can read about each of these in more detail on our blog.

Obligations and limitations

  1. Follow the books metadata best practices.
  2. You can register books and chapters using our web deposit form or via direct deposit of XML.


In addition to annual membership dues, all records attract a one-time registration fee. There are volume discounts available for registration of book chapters and reference entries for a single title. Read about the fees.


Books have been supported since 2003. The Books Interest Group provides guidance and advice for developing the books metadata we collect.

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