Setting up a new journal in your workspace

The Metadata Manager tool is in beta and contains many bugs. It’s being deprecated at the end of 2021. We recommend using the web deposit tool as an alternative, or the OJS plugin if your content is hosted on the OJS platform from PKP.

When you log in using your account credentials, you’ll see a view of all the publications that have been added to your workspace.

To add a publication for which you have already registered metadata with Crossref, enter its title or title-level DOI into the search bar, and click Add. Once added to your workspace, you can update the title record by hovering your mouse over the publication title and select Edit, which will take you to the Edit journal record screen. If your publication does not already have a title-level DOI, you will need to add one. Learn more about title-level DOIs. Provide additional metadata for the publication record if available (the blue/asterisk * mark indicates a required field).

To bring an article into your workspace, click into the chosen journal, and enter the article title into the Article search field.

To add a publication for which you have never registered metadata with Crossref, click New publication. On the Edit journal record screen, add details for the publication (the blue/asterisk * mark indicates a required field).

Edit journal record

Click Save, then Close to return to the journal list. The publication will now appear in your workspace.

Publications in your workspace

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