We recommend creating XML directly to our schema rather than trying to convert JATS (NLM) formatted XML as we don’t currently have a reliable way to convert it.

There are two unreliable options available in beta.

  1. Upload NLM JATS-formatted XML files into our system using the web deposit form
  2. Use our basic JATS-to-Crossref XSLT conversion and then upload using the admin tool or https post.

Upload NLM JATS-formatted XML files using the web deposit form

  1. Start at the web deposit form
  2. Under data type selection, choose NLM file
  3. Log in using your Crossref account credentials
  4. Click on select file and select your NLM or JATS file
  5. Enter the email address that should receive the all-important submission log email
  6. Add the DOI in the relevant field (if your XML contains <article-id pub-id-type="doi"> you can leave the DOI field empty)
  7. Add the URL in the relevant field (if your XML contains <self-uri> and that URI contains the URL you intend to register with your DOI, you can leave the URL field empty)
  8. Click Upload NLM Data to submit

You’ll receive a submission log when your deposit is complete. Please review the log to be sure your DOIs have been updated successfully.

NLM JATS to Crossref conversion

We have a basic JATS-to-Crossref XSLT conversion that can be used to transform NLM JATS-formatted XML into Crossref-friendly XML. You may download the .xsl file for local use.

Please note:

  • The journal title used for Crossref deposits be included in the <journal-title> element
  • The DOI should be included in <article-id> with attribute pub-id-type=‘doi’
  • The DOI URL should be included in <self-uri>
  • The JATS document type definition (DTD) does not have an appropriate place to include the email element used in Crossref deposits - this needs to be added manually.

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