Creating and managing DOIs

Creating DOIs

A DOI is registered for each new content item by its owner as it’s published. This single DOI would then remain associated with the content item forever. DOIs become active once they and their associated metadata are registered with us. Find out more about:

Managing and updating the metadata for your existing DOIs

Once you have registered your DOIs, you can update the metadata associated with them at any time, free of charge. Here are some examples of metadata maintenance tasks.

Changing or deleting DOIs

Because DOIs are designed to be persistent, a DOI string can’t be changed once registered, and DOIs can’t be fully deleted. You can always update the metadata associated with a DOI, but the DOI string itself can’t change. Find out more.

Transferring titles or prefixes between members

Find out what to do if a title with existing DOIs is acquired by a member with a different DOI prefix.

Multiple resolution

Multiple resolution is used where many members host the same content.

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