Peer review

You can register peer review metadata and connect reviews to reviewed items via relationships.

When registering peer reviews, DO:

  • include a review title - if you don’t have a review-specific title convention, we recommend that you include “Review” (or your own term for review) as well as a revision and review number. For example, a review pattern of Review: title of article (Revision number/Review number) will be: Review: Analysis of the effects of bad metadata on discoverability (R2/RC3)
  • include reviewer information with the contributor section, including information about anonymous reviewers
  • include relevant stage, type, and recommendation metadata
  • include license information
  • include relationship metadata linking the review with the item being reviewed (relation type isReviewOf).

Do not:

  • include metadata specific to the reviewed item, like author and title - that is captured in the record of the reviewed item, which you supply via the isReviewof relationship

Other things to know:

  • references are not currently supported for peer review records but if someone cites your reviews, those citations will be included in our cited-by service

Review our Peer Review Markup Guide for XML and metadata help.

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