DOIs and DSpace repositories

We encourage members with institutional repositories to assign DOIs to their original non-duplicative works.

Here are some simple guidelines for repositories based on DSpace. DSpace and the DOI both use the Handle system for identifiers. When a DSpace repository is configured it must be registered with CNRI, which provides the repository with a Handle prefix (typically a sequence of numbers). This is not a DOI prefix (also a sequence of numbers which begin with 10.).

When constructing a Crossref DOI for your repository content, use the DSpace suffix as the DOI suffix. For example, a member with a DOI prefix of 10.1575 would construct a DSpace DOI like this: 10.1575/1912/1099, where:

  • 10.1575 = DOI prefix
  • 1912 = DSpace prefix
  • 1099 = DSpace suffix

The URL registered for the DOI should be the Handle URL, which uses the form So in this example, the URL registered for the DOI is:, and the DOI link is:

You may also be interested in recommendations for using ORCID in repositories.

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